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The list is prepared with the premise that the items listed are being used in an all volunteer entity. Please contact the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) directly in cases where the fire service or emergency service staff is a combination of paid and volunteer staff for further guidance.

Please use the Volunteer Fire Relief Association (VFRA) database to search for advice on whether relief monies may be used to purchase goods and services. VFRAs are advised that:

• No liability is assumed with respect to the use of information contained in the database;
• Any information or guidance provided by DCED is solely informal guidance and does not have any binding authority;
• Any informal guidance and assistance given by DCED to VFRAs is not and shall not be construed as an approval or disapproval by DCED or by the Auditor General of the use of funds or expenditures or as authorization to take any particular course of action; and
• Any informal guidance and assistance given by DCED to VFRA’s shall not be deemed to be legal advice and VFRA’s are directed to consult with legal counsel for legal advice.

Laws may be amended or court rulings made that could affect a particular procedure, issue or interpretation. You may also wish to call 888-2CENTER to ask questions.

In those instances where DCED's position differs from the Auditor General Department's position, the Auditor General Department's position is final and will be handled as follows: verbal observation issued for the first audit that the unauthorized expenditure is identified, and a written finding in subsequent audit reports if not corrected, up to and including potential withholding of funds if so decided by the Auditor General.
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